Terms and conditions


Article 1 – Definitions

1.1 Flash Parking is a rental business near the airport of Charleroi
Phone number: +32 467 135 238
Email: info@flashparking.be

1.2 Traveler: The individual who makes a reservation with Flash Parking for a parking place.

1.3 Period of parking: the period specified in advance by the traveler in his reservation during which the vehicle is parked by the traveler, ie the period between the start date (including this date) and the departure date of the parking lot.

Article 2 – Parking service

2.1 By making a reservation with Flash Parking, indicating the exact parking period and the arrival and return times, the traveler may reserve a parking space.
2.2 The booking only gives the right to park the vehicle during the reservation period.
2.3 A number of parking spaces are reserved for the parking service. Flash Parking has the right to refuse a reservation if the number of designated parking spaces is exceeded by this reservation.
2.4 Flash Parking has the right not to accept reservations without stating the reasons.

Article 3 – Book, pay, modify and cancel

3.1 The traveler may make a reservation for the parking service until 20 minutes before the start of the parking period.
3.2 At the time of delivery of the vehicle, the traveler must pay for Flash Parking. It can pay by bancontact or cash.
3.3 Flash Parking reserves the right to modify its rates. These changes will not apply to bookings made previously.

Article 4 – Privacy

4.1 Flash Parking observes high ethical standards and respects your privacy. This is why we do not communicate your details to third parties.

Article 5 – Parking

5.1 The passenger must park his vehicle on one of the free parking spaces.

Article 6 – Liability

6.1 Parking is entirely at the traveler’s risk.
6.2 Flash Parking has the competence and the right to move the vehicle of the traveler if the latter leaves his key with Flash Parking. The traveler will leave his key to Flash Parking, for example, if his vehicle is to be washed. Flash Parking will carry out this work with the utmost care, with Flash Parking employees having the right to change the position of the rear-view mirrors and the seat to ensure safe use of the vehicle.
6.3 Flash Parking is not liable for any damage suffered by the traveler, except for damage to the vehicle caused by malicious acts or gross negligence on the part of Flash Parking or its employees.

Article 7 – Final Clause

7.1 Belgian law is applicable to our services.

Discharge of responsibility

Flash Parking devotes the utmost care to the maintenance of this site. However, some information may not be correct . The texts on this website do not, therefore, confer any rights. Flash Parking is not responsible for any information on any website or web page, which would link to this Flash Parking website (www.flashparking.be).
Graphic representations (including photos) on this site may not be reproduced or published by printing, photocopying, faxing, typing or storing in an automated file. If you wish, you can request an authorization via the information form or by e-mail.
If you have any questions or require further information, please contact us by e-mail: info@flashparking.be.